Lab Affiliates & Collaborators


Dr. Nicholas L. Matthews

Affiliated Researcher


Nic (PhD, Indiana University) is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University. His research concerns how communication affects cooperation and conflict. One branch of his research focuses on theory construction in moral psychology by investigating how individuals and groups form and maintain their systems of morality via communication. The other branch investigates how individual differences and message characteristics affect how people process interactive violence.

Glenna ReadDr. Glenna L. Read

Research Collaborator

Glenna L. Read (PhD, Indiana University) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Georgia. Her research investigates interactions between media content and identity/representation. She uses a variety of methodological approaches to investigate the social, cognitive, and physiological/neurological correlates of the perception and reception of people in advertisements and how these processes relate to behavioral outcomes – both consumer and prosocial.



Jessica E. Tompkins

Research Collaborator


Jess (MA, University of South Carolina) is a Doctoral Candidate in The Media School at Indiana University researching video game content, design, and effects. Her research has examined video game fandoms, character design, and player effects using social psychological and gender theories. Currently, she is interested in applying video games effects research to enhance player experience and game usability, particularly for women and marginalized groups.