Research assistants are an essential and valued part of Chronos Lab and facilitate many aspects of the research process. Most team members are students in the School of Communication with varied areas of interest in the field of communication and technology. 

If you are interested in applying to be a lab RA, please submit your application here.

Current Research Assistants

Lexi Blouin

Lexi joined the lab in Spring 2019. Lexi is on track to finish her dual degree in Psychology and Human Development and Family Sciences in Spring of 2022. She plans to eventually become a clinical therapist and has a strong interest in many aspects of social science research. In her free time, Lexi likes to play ukulele, do yoga, and drink coffee.

Joslyn Branham

Joslyn joined the lab in Spring 2021. 

Anaïs Cabello

Anaïs joined the lab in Spring 2020. She is a senior studying Computer Science & Engineering with a minor in Communication Technology. She enjoys mentoring and tutoring kids in Columbus. During her free time she enjoys traveling, watching movies and hiking.

Annie Chu

Annie joined the lab in Spring 2021.

Julie Keppers

Julie joined the lab in Spring 2021.

Justin Park

Justin joined the lab in Autumn 2019. Following his graduation in May of 2020, Justin has continued on as a researcher in Chronos Lab.

Alex Ronnebaum

Alex joined the lab in Spring 2021. Alex is a third-year student studying Video Game Design. She enjoys participating in student orgs on campus and coaching a high school FIRST Robotics Competition team in Grandview. She is passionate about exploring the prosocial effects of video games. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, video games, and playing with her dogs.

Daniel Sung

Daniel joined the lab in Spring 2021. Daniel is an undergraduate student majoring Human-Computer Interaction. Daniel aims to become a QA Engineer after graduation. His passion is personality analysis, interactive design, and video game industry.

Andrew Traina

Andrew joined the lab in Summer 2020. Following his graduation in Summer of 2020, Andrew has continued on as a researcher in Chronos Lab.

Lingxiao (Billy) Wang

Lingxiao joined the lab in Spring 2019. Following his graduation in Spring 2020, Lingxiao has continued on as Lab Support personnel starting in Spring 2021.

Lab Alumni 

Kunyi (Queenie) Xia, class of 2020 (RA Autumn 2020 – Spring 2021)

Alexis Burgett, class of 2019 (RA Summer 2018 – Autumn 2020)

Victoria Piper, class of 2020 (RA Spring 2019 – Summer 2019)

Shelby Hewitt, class of 2019 (RA Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020)

Suriya Farrow-Harris, class of 2020 (RA Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020)

Lindsey Archipley, class of 2019 (RA Autumn 2018 – Autumn 2019)

ShuXian (Jenny) Mai, class of 2019 (RA Spring 2018 – Summer 2019)

Diego Villares, class of 2019 (RA Summer 2018 – Spring 2019)

Joshua (Josh) Berry, class of 2018 (RA Spring 2018 – Autumn 2018)

Thomas (Thom) Ferguson, class of 2018 (RA Summer 2018 – Autumn 2018)